Personal film Michaela Römer

Corporate film about Michaela Römer

Here it is, the corporate film of MR Manufaktur Michaela Römer, the most famous goldsmith in Germany when it comes to wedding rings in ANY INDIVIDUAL design. Why can I say so? Well, I’m not alone with this opinion and I can assess very well from the point of view of a former dental technician.

The portrait of Michaela was created in beautiful Sankt Peter Ording at the Noth Sea, in the middle of winter, with a windchill of -18 ° C. But Michaela did not mind, because she is a winter child. That’s what she told me at our first meeting with her husband Karsten in Karlsruhe. At that time it was already clear, that she wanted a corporate video of her and requested it to happen at the North Sea. The Beach Motel in St. Peter-Ording served as a beautiful background. Yes, it was a great winter day experience at the North Sea, it was gorgeous and bitter cold, pleasant and also exhausting. But I believe that the effort was worth it…

Cooperation with Michaela was super nice! So much so that a foundation was laid for a good friendship. If you want to know more about her work as a goldsmith – come this way