marc weber films

My passion for film and music gives me the ability to bring emotions to the screen.

Where do I get inspiration ?

Nature, art and interesting people do inspire me every single day. I find new point of views for my topics almost everywhere, at any time. My love for music brings it all together as I create new ideas and pictures in my head.

Why music is of essence ?

Music lets us feel, dream and dance. The music adds new meaning to pictures, leading us to be happy, sad, thrilled or simply romantic. While my editing shows the essence of your day, the film music is the soundtrack of your story.

For me, a film should be like a perfectly choreographed dance:  the music, the movement and content, all come together to be a perfect unit. I am happy to hear from you to bring your project to life, just leave me a message.

... I didn’t worry for one bit about the outcome and didn’t feel the need to control it. Marc is just a master of what he does.

Nadia Meli, Photographer


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